Cylinder Testing from TAL Scuba

Cylinder testing is available as an in-house service from TAL Scuba, offering quicker turnaround time for diving and surface use cylinders.

All Cylinders are tested in accordance with BS EN 1968:2002 (steel) or BS EN 1802:2002 (aluminium).

All Valves are tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 22434-2011.

Air Cylinders


A periodic visual inspection is required every 2.5 years (PI) from the date of manufacture of the cylinder *

The external and internal surfaces of the cylinder are examined for flaws/damage and the surfaces will be appropriately cleaned as necessary. The cylinder  threads will be checked for form and wear as will the threads of the cylinder valve before servicing.

Some aluminium cylinders need eddy current testing of the neck area for “sustained load cracking (SLC)”.


A periodic hydraulic test is required every 5 years (PIAT) from the date of manufacture of the cylinder *

This consists of completely filling the cylinder with water, subjecting it to the test pressure and measuring any permanent expansion that may occur. There should be NONE but up to 5% is allowed for inaccuracies in the test equipment.

After testing, the cylinder will be dried and re-assembled with its valve, which will have been serviced.

The Test Centre will stamp the shoulder of the cylinder with the unique IDEST Test Centre stamp, the year and the month of the test.

*if your cylinder uses a specialist valve, such as those used for medical or surface bottles, the testing cycle is extended to every 5 years from the date of manufacture.

Checking the test date of your Cylinder

Knowing when to have your cylinder tested might be confusing at first, but not when you know what you're looking for.

Air Cylinders